About the Winery

CASA ABRIL SELECTIONS, Sustainable wines from Spain, from the vine to your glass. 

My Story. My Wines.

April Cullom began her love affair with Spain over 30 years ago; her passion for the country’s culture has been an inspiration and a focus for the last 15 years in the wine industry. Today, April has drawn on her love of Spain to create Casa Abril Selections, including Casa Abril, meaning “April’s house wine,” and Alma de Vino, meaning the “soul of wine.” These wines are a labor of love and a collaborative effort between April and close friends who happen to be Spanish winemakers. While they strive to make delicious wines, perfect for any occasion, April and her team wish to showcase Spain front and center. Each wine expresses the earth from which it came, a “terroir-trilogy,” which encompasses the climate, soil and topology. The goal is to have the native grape varietals speak for themselves while representing nature at its best.

Artisanal wines with a sense of place, handcrafted by small family-run wineries with the utmost respect for Mother Nature.  

Casa Abril and Alma de Vino wines proudly belong to a group of family-run wineries sharing the same philosophy of viticulture and winemaking, respect for Mother Nature.

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Our Winemaker

April Cullom

 After her third year in college studying abroad at the University of Madrid, Atlanta-born April Cullom traded in the southern US for southern Spain, a move that led to a career in wine.  April has cultivated relationships with rising-star wine makers over the past 15 years while promoting and educating trade, press and consumers about Spanish wines as a certified Spanish wine expert and educator. April’s experience, “love affair” with Spain for the past 30 years combined with her passion for the country’s wine and food was the inspiration to create a selection of wines from various parts of Spain under the Casa Abril and Alma de Vino labels – a true labor of love.   

 Each wine strives to reflect the “terroir-trilogy” of the expression of the varietals based on the climate, the soil and the topography of the place where grapes are grown. April and the family enologists from each winery have created the wines together, striving to reflect the local nuances of the vineyard while respecting Mother Nature.

April's credentials include WSET Advance with Honors, Certified Spanish Wine Expert.